Photo of the entrance to College Library at night showing the building illuminated from within as people walk in and out.

Active Learning Classrooms @ College Library

Are you using or preparing to use active learning techniques in your course?

Consider requesting to teach in one of two active learning classrooms on the third floor of College Library in Helen C. White Hall. (The classrooms were historically referred to as WisCEL, the Wisconsin Collaboratory for Enhanced Learning.) 

CTLM is the host for these classrooms and can collaborate with you on planning instruction and helping you acquire the necessary skills to use the instructional technology.

About the classrooms

Both the College Library classrooms are designed and equipped for active learning based instruction and group work.

Photo of students seated at several round tables, working on laptops on a class activity displayed on large ceiling-hung monitors. Some students are writing on whiteboards.
Students work on a group assignment during class in Room 3250.

Room 3250 has a capacity of 114 students seated in groups of 6. It features robust audio and visual projection displays around the room. It also makes available mobile whiteboards, perfect for visual learning activities. As currently configured, Room 3250 has Dell laptops available for students who need one, plus an instructor podium with a Dell desktop and the ability to display through laptop or document camera. 

Photo of an instructor and students seated at tables working on laptops during a class
A class meets in Room 3255

 Room 3255 has a capacity of 36 students. It has mobile desks and chairs, easily set up at your convenience for collaborative learning activities. Room 3255 has a projector that can be connected to a Dell desktop at the podium or to your own laptop or a document camera. 

In addition, we make available three smaller size rooms that work very well for office hours or can be reserved for instructionally related activities such as group work or community partner engagements with your students. These rooms are only available to instructors with courses scheduled in one of the two classrooms.

These active learning classrooms are made available to instructors through a partnership between CTLM, College Library, and the UW–Madison Libraries Library Technology Group.

The classrooms were originally established in 2012 through the Wisconsin Collaboratory for Enhanced Learning (WisCEL), as part of campus strategic efforts to build active learning capacity. These spaces were among the first learning spaces at UW–Madison for technology-enhanced, collaborative and active learning.


View a map of the 3rd floor showing these classrooms

Requesting to teach in CTLM’s Active Learning Classrooms

CTLM follows a scheduling timeline that is the same as campus and departmental scheduling timelines, planning about two semesters in advance (9 to 10 months ahead of the semester start date).

CTLM requires that classes taught in the College Library classrooms deliver instruction that is appropriate for the intent of the space or are on a course transformation pathway to an active learning model. 

To make a request or for more information, please complete this form, indicating the course name and number, the semester you are teaching it, and a brief summary of the status of the course (i.e. is it in redesign or have you already designed it for an active learning classroom?).