Enhancing Online Education: Fostering Community (Zoom)

Teaching online this fall? Whether it’s your first time or you have prior experience, Enhancing Online Education will help you get off to a strong start – and it’s flexible to fit your needs. These …

Developing and Teaching Effective Multimodal Assignments

This workshop from Writing Across the Curriculum shares strategies for incorporating multimodal readings, discussions, activities, and assignments into your courses. Multimodality – or, the use of more than one mode or format in a piece …

Strategies for (More) Equitable Assessment of Student Writing

Both writing and evaluation are such subjective processes—how can you assess students’ writing equitably? Don’t wait to think about this until you have a load of student papers! Equitable assessment plays an important role in …

Addressing Linguistic Bias to Support All Learners

The Teaching Academy's Fall Retreat will explore and address linguistic bias to better support all learners. This includes learners for whom a language other than English is their first language and learners for whom academic …

(Re)Design a Writing Assignment

This workshop from Writing Across the Curriculum will explore pedagogical approaches to designing inclusive and accessible writing assignments (including transparency, equity, and access). Learn how to design low and high stakes writing assignments to meet …

Active Learning

Union South (Check Today in the Union for room)

Using active learning strategies can improve student achievement and foster more equitable student learning outcomes. This gathering will explore the evidence for active learning and tips to employ active learning strategies in your own teaching.

Teaching at UW: Challenging Conversations

In person and via Zoom (register for link) WI

Professors Christy Clark-Pujara (African American Studies) and Kenneth Mayer (Political Science) will share strategies you can use to feel prepared to engage with students on controversial topics in learning spaces. Explore the benefits of clarifying learning objectives, making language use and choices transparent, and strengthening course materials with citations. 

Teaching at UW: Equity & Inclusion in Group Work

In person and via Zoom (register for link) WI

Group work, from short-term, in-class activities and discussions to long-term projects, can be a powerful approach to building a sense of belonging in your course and deepening student learning. It can also be a space where students report marginalizing experiences or dread having to do extra work due to "freeloading" group members. This workshop will delve into strategies for making group work more equitable and inclusive.