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The guiding purpose of the center is to improve learning for all students by advancing the craft of teaching at UW-Madison.

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Our Center for Teaching, Learning and Mentoring supports faculty and staff from across campus in their continuing growth as practitioners of the complex, challenging and dynamic craft of teaching.

Whether you are a tenured professor, an instructor, a graduate teaching assistant or a lab manager, we’re here to help! From addressing a particular challenge to strengthening interactions between you, your students and their peers, we can support your work in classrooms, studios, labs, online courses and other learning environments. We can also assist with additional learning experiences such as study groups.


  • Meet the winners of the 2023 Teaching Assistant Awards

    Twenty-one outstanding graduate students have been selected as recipients of the 2022-23 UW–Madison Campus-Wide Teaching Assistant Awards, recognizing their excellence in teaching.

  • Join the Learning Analytics Community of Practice

    Held on the second Friday of each month from noon to 1 p.m., the LA CoP is designed to connect colleagues across campus in sharing interests and experience with learning analytics – generating actionable data that can improve teaching and learning.

  • Register now for The Discussion Project In-Person Course for August 2023

    The Discussion Project has new courses open for August 2023. A free series, The Discussion Project supports UW–Madison instructors and leaders in designing and implementing discussion for groups of 40 or fewer. The course consists of three consecutive days of training with a total of 1.5 hours of outside preparatory work. Course 1 runs August 14-16, and course 2 runs August 21-23. Register now!

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