Identify Core Course Activities

Independent Learning Activities

During the design process, many instructors invest substantial energy planning and even drafting templates and guidelines for independent learning activities. Independent learning activities are opportunities for students to learn content outside of class time. Often, these activities include required readings, watching media such as online lectures or instructional videos, listening to podcasts, or attending an event.

Consider the following  when deciding which independent learning activities to include:

  • Ensure the activity is accessible, such as:
    • Ensuring all video is captioned and audio is transcribed
    • Choosing low or no cost options
    • Making sure textbooks are on reserve at the library for students who may not be able to purchase the materials
  • Consider the timing of the assigned activity. For example, if you need students to have done the activity prior to coming to class, that should be made clear.
  • Consider if and how you might help students stay accountable for independent learning activities