Cid Freitag

Position title: Senior Teaching and Learning Developer


M.A., Geography, University of Kansas; B.A., Applied Computer Systems, University of Wisconsin–River Falls
Photo of Cid Freitag

Cid Freitag is a teaching, learning, and technology specialist in the Instructor Engagement group in the CTLM. She has been working since 1998 to support and educate instructors about using relevant instructional principles and technologies to enhance learning. Prior to joining CTLM, Cid worked in DoIT Academic Technology in a variety of projects and campus initiatives including online course development and support, active learning, teaching blended/hybrid course design, and promoting the effective use of educational technology Through her time in service to the UW, Cid has worked with five different learning management systems, consulted with instructors across disciplines, and worked with a range of programs to transform teaching and learning. Her interests include data literacy, data-informed decision making, action research, and iterative course design processes. Outside of the CTLM, Cid produces art (photomontage and digital photo manipulations), and researches and is building a virtual recreation of the Madison Dividing Ridge (a large hill formerly between Lake Wingra and Monona Bay.)