Seen from the Memorial Union Terrace at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, windsurfers with the Hoofers Sailing Club sail their longboards across Lake Mendota as the late spring/early summer sun sets on June 14, 2021.

Set sail with summer teaching, learning & mentoring resources

Summer 2022 Resources

Whether you’re looking to enhance an existing course, design a new one, tap into technology or connect with peers, CTLM and campus partners are here to help.


Course Design and Development 

Icon of three people in a videoconference  Build your online teaching and course design skills

Join the Summer 2022 TeachOnline@UW learning community to explore and apply best practices for designing and teaching online courses. Apply now for one or both online courses. Facilitation & Management (3 webinars, May 16-June 10) helps instructors develop a plan for connecting with students and managing an online course. Plan & Design (5 webinars, June 20-July 29) provides an opportunity to make significant progress on developing or redesigning a high-quality online course. Learn more.


Icon of stars surrounded by a circle comprised of arrows  Tune up your L&S course

The L&S Instructional Design Collaborative is offering a summer Course Tune-Up Initiative. Design and technology specialists will provide L&S instructors hands-on support to make targeted improvements to courses. This is a great opportunity to get help designing a new assignment, improving the organization and aesthetic appeal of a Canvas course, or reconceptualizing a strategy that worked well during remote teaching. Learn more and request a tuneup. 

The Craft of Teaching 

Icon of two people Join 2022-23 cohort for early-career faculty

Madison Teaching and Learning Excellence (MTLE) is a two-semester CTLM program in teaching that helps early-career faculty succeed with personalized support from a cross-disciplinary community of peers and teaching and learning experts. Applications for the next cohort cycle (Fall 2022 – Spring 2023) will be open through May 30. Apply now. 


Icon of a pen  Develop and teach effective multimodal writing assignments

This online/asynchronous workshop from Writing Across the Curriculum shares strategies for incorporating multimodal activities and assignments into courses. Multimodality (the use of more than one mode or format in a piece of communication) can help you build a class environment that values diverse literacy skills. Through this workshop, you will reflect on the literacies students must develop to create multimodal texts, learn tools to scaffold students’ multimodal work and consider effective ways to design multimodal assignments. Sample materials are provided. View the workshop in Kaltura MediaSpace. 


Icon showing four people linked in a circle  Foster high-quality discussion

The Discussion Project supports instructors in designing and implementing high quality discussion for classes of 40 or fewer. The free course is open to all UW–Madison instructors (faculty, academic staff and graduate students). The in-person course is three full days, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m., and is held on campus.  Apply now for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023.


Icon of a book with a bookmark Explore open pedagogy

Open pedagogy enables instructors to center students as knowledge creators and cultivate a supportive learning community. During this hour-long webinar at 11 a.m. on June 14, you’ll learn the principles of open pedagogy and come away with examples of different student-centered projects to inspire your own assignment design. This event is sponsored by UW–Madison Libraries and CTLM.  Register now.

Curriculum and Instruction 

Compass icon Connect with CTLM for instructional consulting

CTLM consultants work one-on-one with units, programs, and individual instructors to develop and implement curricular and instructional improvements. We can connect you with resources across campus and in your home department. CTLM consultants provide support for evidence-based course design and management practices, the alignment of learning outcomes with teaching methods, and the incorporation of proven assessment techniques. Request a consultation.


Media and Technology 

Icon of stars exploding out of a pencil Apply to teach in WisCEL active learning classrooms

The Wisconsin Collaboratory for Enhanced Learning (WisCEL) offers student-centered, technology-rich active learning classrooms that are fully supported for teaching and technology use. Apply now for the 8-week Summer Term at Wendt WisCEL Center. Apply by July 1 to teach at College WisCEL Center for spring 2023.


Icon of a video play button Get support creating instructional media

CTLM Media partners with instructors and instructional teams to create media that helps students meet learning objectives. We recognize that every instructor is different and each project has unique needs. We’ll help you explore options for developing course media and work to find a solution that matches your needs, abilities and capacity. Request a consultation.  


Icon of a microscope Research mentor training for graduate students and post-docs

Mentor training can make the difference between a mutually beneficial and productive mentoring relationship and one that’s draining for the mentor and discouraging for the mentee. The Delta Program‘s Research Mentor Training, based on a nationally-recognized curriculum, gives you space to reflect and reinvigorate and provides concrete tools to support a successful mentor/mentee relationship. Multiple sections available, beginning May 19.