Teaching at UW: Foundations

Success in teaching and learning starts with building a strong foundation

Whether you’ve been teaching for years or are early in your career, these workshops will provide insights and effective practices you can use in a wide range of learning environments. Workshops are open to all instructors, including graduate assistants.

Icon showing four people linked in a circleBuild equitable and inclusive learning environments – Monday, August 22

Students’ sense of belonging and ability to have positive relationships in the classroom, lab or clinic are key to their academic success. Structural and systemic inequities interfere with that success. This session explores ways in which teaching practices can address barriers to learning and foster more equitable environments.


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Promote student success through transparent communication – Tuesday, August 23

Effectively communicating with students helps build and maintain a strong learning environment. This session will explore ways of orienting students to your course, establishing expectations and fostering open communication and feedback throughout the course.


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Create learning pathways to promote student motivation – Wednesday, August 24

Identifying activities that achieve course outcomes is an essential part of course design and delivery. This session will explore ways of organizing and sequencing course activities as well as how to evaluate the effectiveness and completeness of a learning pathway.


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Foster student achievement through responsive instruction and assessment – Thursday, August 25

Regular assessment and feedback are critical to supporting student learning. This session explores techniques for responsive instruction throughout a course.


How it works

Choose the topics and participation format – in-person or via Zoom – that fit your needs and schedule. You can “mix and match” sessions, taking some in person and others via Zoom.

Each session, regardless of format, will provide opportunities to work on and share ideas in real time with other instructors. Food and beverages will be provided for all in-person sessions.

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Session times

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In-person, facilitated and collaborative sessions allow for the opportunity to interact with colleagues from across campus in a classroom setting. Food and beverages will be provided to encourage networking. Sessions take place from 8:30 a.m. to noon in Room B107, Van Vleck Hall (480 Lincoln Drive).

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Virtual sessions hosted in Zoom cover key content areas and outcomes while allowing for remote flexibility. Sessions offer the opportunity to interact with colleagues from across campus in breakout rooms. Sessions take place from noon to 1:30 p.m. These sessions are intended for real-time participation and will not be recorded.