About the Center

Welcome! UW-Madison’s premier Center for Teaching, Learning and Mentoring (CTLM) was officially established on July 1, 2021.

In collaboration with the crucial work done in and by schools and colleges, the center supports UW-Madison faculty and staff in their continuing growth as practitioners of the complex, challenging and dynamic craft of teaching.

Bringing together more than 50 professional staff members with extensive and wide-ranging expertise, the center serves instructors at all career stages, including teaching assistants, by offering campus-level professional development, course design and instructional consulting programs and services.

Want to meet our team? Check back soon for a full listing of our leadership and staff members.

Priorities & Goals for 2021-22

Check out our priorities and goals for 2021-22 below. But first! Let us say – in the pursuit of these priorities and goals — and in all of our work — we are guided by a grounding and thorough commitment to serve all UW-Madison students and all UW-Madison instructors. At the center of this is: diversity, equity and inclusion – these are foundational to everything we do. CTLM is committed to engaging in the often challenging self-work necessary for the effective pursuit of equity and inclusion, and to holding ourselves accountable for infusing the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our work. We welcome and are actively seeking opportunities to work with campus partners to foster more equitable experiences for students and instructors.

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Supporting New UW-Madison Instructors

New instructors arrive at UW-Madison with a wide range of teaching experience. Some are first-time faculty members with little classroom experience. Others are experienced academic staff members who have taught for years. Some will participate in the center’s professional development programs, while others will work with our instructional consultants on a particular pedagogical challenge or partner with an instructional designer to build a new course. Whatever their level of teaching experience, every UW-Madison instructor can find support and community in our center.

Goal: Connect with every new instructor during their first year at UW-Madison.

Focusing on Facilitation

During the COVID-19 pandemic, UW-Madison instructors encountered much that was new:  from remote instruction, in general, to particular digital tools. The teaching and learning community was also sharply reminded of an abiding truth: effective learning depends upon rich and meaningful engagement and interaction among students and instructors. Engagement and interaction can and should happen not only in small seminars or hands-on fieldwork courses, but also in large in-person lectures and online courses. We know that courses can be designed for engagement and interaction; and we also know that, with help and with practice, skills in facilitating engagement and interaction can be honed and developed.

Goal: Support all instructors in facilitating engaging and interactive learning experiences, building a classroom climate that fosters a sense of belonging for all UW-Madison students.

Putting the “M” in CTLM

Mentoring is integral to our center’s work, and distinguishes us from many of our peer’s teaching and learning centers. While it may not be as evident, mentoring is, in fact, a central component of teaching. This is most apparent in individual instructional settings from sophomore research projects to Ph.D. dissertation advising. Yet, instructors can – and often do – use mentoring principles and skills in group instruction – even in the largest lecture course.

UW-Madison is home to internationally recognized experts on mentoring who provide consulting and training to institutions far and wide. CTLM will partner with colleagues across campus to ensure that instructors can draw on this expertise as they grow and develop as mentors.

Goal: Support all UW-Madison instructors as effective mentors in all learning environments.

Exploring Campus Partnerships and Opportunities for Innovation

We are proud of the experience and expertise the people of CTLM bring to bear on advancing the craft of teaching on campus. We also acknowledge that UW-Madison instructors can and do turn to their departments, their schools and colleges, and a range of other units on campus for support. The center, in short, is the newest part of a rich and vibrant teaching and learning community and will actively seek out partnerships with colleagues across the community as we all work together to enhance student learning. The center is also eager to hear from instructors about their innovative ideas for teaching and learning.

A Brief History

During the 2019-2020 school year, Provost John Karl Scholz charged a campus committee with exploring teaching and learning support on campus. In fall 2020, the committee recommended the creation of a Center for Teaching, Learning and Mentoring, a recommendation Provost Scholz enthusiastically endorsed. The process of building CTLM was completed during spring and summer 2021, bringing together staff from the Collaborative for Advancing Learning and Teaching; the Division of Continuing Studies; and the Division of Information Technology.

The creation of CTLM was facilitated in part by the unprecedented efforts to support instructors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those efforts, led by then-Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning Steven Cramer, brought many of those now working in CTLM together through the university’s Instructional Continuity effort. The collaborative spirit of the Instructional Continuity effort lives on in CTLM.