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Videos, graphics and other media can play a critical role in effective instruction.

Media is an effective way for students to absorb content outside of the physical classroom, freeing up time for engagement in class. Media, be it video, visuals, animations or audio, are proven ways to enhance students’ understanding of the material you are teaching. CTLM’s media team can work with you to plan for, create and use media effectively in your courses.

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Success stories

Media with staying power

The Plant Pathology 123 team, led by Dr. Aurélie Rakotondrafara, has been teaching both a blended and an online version of their course since 2014. Over the years the course media had grown cumbersome to maintain due to outdated software and needed a refresh.

We found a solution where Dr. Rakotondrafara was able to record herself lecturing and we assembled visuals and recordings, including on-screen instructor presence, in PowerPoint as video. The end result: An expansive set of online lectures, refreshed and better designed and organized for the instructional team to use, now and in future semesters.


“The big (but simple) innovation is that all course media is better organized, accessible within Kaltura and each semester can be seamlessly copied from course to course. This saves us time in preparation and makes for a better experience for students.”

– Aurélie Rakotondrafara, associate professor of plant pathology

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A fresh first-year experience

The Wisconsin Experience Seminar (Counseling Psychology 125) is a first-year seminar open to all new students.

The instructional team came to us with a request for a course introduction video. We partnered with them and were able to go a step further. We wove together and improved pre-existing Wisconsin Experience media, keeping it relevant and applicable for several years to come. This was a high-impact partnership due to the number of students this course serves and we really appreciated the collaboration with the instructional team.

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