Yuyen Chang

Position title: Instructional Designer

Email: yuyen.chang@wisc.edu

M.F.A., University of Wisconsin–Madison; B.S., Art, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Photo of Yuyen Chang

Yuyen’s teaching and learning career began as an artist and instructor teaching Art Metals courses. In these roles, Yuyen always valued curiosity and strived to balance craftsmanship with innovation. She encouraged her students to push boundaries while respecting traditions. Being a catalyst in her students’ discovery and growth brought her tremendous joy. Yuyen has carried that spirit of exploration from the art studio into her role as an instructional designer. Following her interest in situated learning, she has amassed years of experience designing interactive scenario- and problem-based e-learning for courses in the medical fields. She helped organize UW–Madison’s Learning Design Community of Practice and founded the Articulate User Group. Yuyen strives to create inclusive and equitable e-learning experiences while exploring the exciting possibilities of active learning in the asynchronous online learning space. Yuyen is a regular blues dancer, runner and hiker. At home she enjoys baking, gardening, and hanging out with her cats listening to podcasts.