John Martin

Position title: Senior Teaching and Learning Developer


Ph.D., Education, University of Wisconsin–Madison; M.A., Writing, University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire; M.A. Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin–Madison; B.A., Organizational Communication, and B.A., English, University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire
Headshot of John Martin

I am unapologetically passionate about promoting learning through listening and sharing insights from our unique intersectional identities, experiences, skills, and values. I lean into uncomfortable conversations and challenge status quo thinking. ADHD powers my ability to perceive opportunities and connections that others miss. I rock the boat in calm waters to prepare for storms. I believe everyone teaches better when they lead with their own humanity and invite others to learn with theirs. For 23 summers I helped lead an experiential learning camp where campers thrived by working together, improvising, and iterating. Experiences there informed my Ph.D. in social learning and building community through shared play. In CTLM, I facilitate teaching and learning conversations across campus and work to build and maintain communities of passionate educators. Universal Design for Learning’s “multiple means of engagement, representation, and expression” underpin my approach to learning. Just as we all need our own “hooks” to engage fully in our workplace, no one teaching approach works for every learner. We all benefit in supporting multiple perspectives and experiences. At home, my brilliant wife teaches injury-preventing piano technique with a narrative-driven music reading approach to an over-full studio. Our dogs love camping with us.