Naomi Salmon

Position title: Program Manager, Instructor Learning Communities


they/them/theirs or she/her/hers
Ph.D., Literary Studies, University of Wisconsin–Madison; B.S., English Literature, Beloit College
Headshot of Naomi Salmon

 Naomi is the program manager and facilitator for Madison Teaching & Learning Excellence (MTLE), a program within CTLM. Prior to joining MTLE, Naomi was involved in a range of professional development initiatives for teaching assistants within the UW-Madison English Department, the College of Letters & Science, and L&S Learning Support Services. These experiences highlighted how transformative it can be for instructors to take part in a community of practice devoted to teaching and learning. Naomi loves teaching writing and learning about others’ research – these were highlights of their time as an instructor at UW–Madison’s Writing Center. As someone passionate about open pedagogy and equitable assessment, they enjoy working with instructors who would like to bring their students into the process of producing and sharing knowledge. Naomi sees teaching as an act of generosity and an iterative process, so they especially celebrate the conversations that emerge when activities or assignments don’t go as planned. Outside of work, Naomi enjoys trying to spot cranes and frogs in Cherokee Marsh. They are a terrible banjo player and an aspiring printmaker.